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29th Feb 2020

We have opened our online store

Stay Warm And Stylish With Our NEW  Designer Dog Scarfs
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27th Feb 2020


Is Butternut Box Dog Food Any Good?

Well you can decide for yourself with this totally free two-week trial of Butternut Box Dog Food

Butternut box ingredients are carefully chosen, locally sourced and of human-quality.  

Every batch is taste tested by real people! 
Each meal is made in consultation with their team of nutritionists and vets and suit even the most sensitive of dog tummies.

The range includes beef, chicken, lamb and turkey and you can tailor your dog's order according to their preference and to avoid any ingredients that don't suit them.

Butternut box is cooked fresh and slowly at low temperatures to keep in all the goodness and then frozen. 

Your dog’s Butternut Box is then frozen and delivered in 2-week batches for you to keep in your freezer ready to feed each day.
The portions are individually packaged with just the right amount of food for your dog size and breed.

You will see when you serve it that it looks good enough for you to eat and it smells great too.

Why not give it a try?

Not sure if this is right for your dog then with this no commitment Free trial of Butternut Box you can see for yourself

Just click on the link below.

19th Sep 2018

Butternut Box Real ReviewButternut Box Fresh Dog Food Customer Review

I have a Bedlington Terrier Winnie who has always been a fussy eater and having a sensitive tummy often had problems with most tinned dog food. After trying most alternatives including Raw Dog Food feeding I came across Butternut Box Dog Food.


Here is my Butternut Box Review after her being on it for just over a month.

Butternut box deliver the food to your door frozen and well packaged, the one thing we love is sitting and opening it together. The Butternut dog food comes in portion sized packs with a variety of flavours. I must say that once defrosted the butternut dog food smells and looks delicious, something unusual for dog food!

Winnie took to it immediate eating everything, previously the food would often be left or only partly eaten. But this is only one change as without a doubt within a few days of transitioning to Butternut she became a different dog fully of energy & character overall she is a much more alert and energetic dog, stools are haw can i put it " Well formed" and her coat and eyes are brighter.

I have been very impressed with Butternut Box as a company the customer service is excellent, and you are informed by email when and by who your Butternut delivery will arrive.

Butternut Box dog food is slightly more expensive but I truly believe that it’s worth the small additional cost to you dog food expense to have a fitter healthier happier dog.

You can get 75% off your first trial order using the link below - Winnie will get a discount off her next order and you can do the same by refering others. 

Butternut Box 75% Off Offer

I like the food and company so much that I have added it to my recomended dog products list. 

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19th Sep 2018

We are please to announce that we are now Ambassadors for Butternut Box Dog food

Freshly prepared just for your dog and delivered to your door.

Butternut Box dog food contains everything a dog needs for a healthy diet but is also ideal for dogs with sensitive stomach’s or for dogs who are fussy eaters. We have searched a long time to find a suitable food for our dog and highly recommend Butternut Box Dog Food
The only way to see if it will work for you dog is to try is so we are able to offer a 75% discount off your first order via this Link

Butternut Box Discount Offer


19th Sep 2018

Wet Washing Weekends

We now offer a weekend dog washing only service at the weekends and some evenings.
We will come to you home and Wash, Brush & Blow Dry your dog leaving them clean and smelling fresh.
To book a visit

Call 07518798590
Click on Contact Us Tab Above
Message us on Facebook 

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